A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You have a list of tasks, but there is another way. Way to survive.
Keep your flashlight on.

Created in PyWeek 28 (Python game programming challenge №28). Developement  of the game is still after the challenge end.

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chapter II is in development


  • Move - [A],[D] or [Left Arrow],[Right arrow].
  • Elevator up/down - [W],[S] or [Up Arrow], [Down Arrow].
  • Toogle flashlight - [F] or [Right Mouse Button].
  • Interact with drawers or generator - [E] or [Left Mouse Button].
  • [F11] - toogle fullscreen mode.
  • [F2] - make screenshot.
  • Pause - [Esc]

If you have a problem with game falls, send me autogenerated fail_log.txt.


souls-of-the-tower_0.2.0_linux 49 MB
souls-of-the-tower_0.2.0_windows.exe 44 MB

Install instructions

Just run the executable

Development log


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When second part of game?, i played all of it , very good game :)

I'm play this game. And... it's GREAT game!!! For beta is awesome result!!!