A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You are hired to recover the tower. Now in BETA version your task is run three generators on floors 0,10,20 and dispose one leak on 12th floor. Elevator will help you as main transport. Your flashlight is only your friend in darkness of rooms. Three or more your predecessors are dead. Can you survive? Keep your flashlight on.

Created in PyWeek 28 (Python game programming challenge №28). Developement  of the game is still after the challenge end.

Follow the game news in Discord server, or in my twitter @MihailRis. Its good motivation for development full version.

beta 0.16 is in development


  • Move - [A],[D] or [Left Arrow],[Right arrow].
  • Elevator up/down - [W],[S] or [Up Arrow], [Down Arrow].
  • Toogle flashlight - [F] or [Right Mouse Button].
  • Interact with drawers or generator - [E] or [Left Mouse Button].
  • [F11] - toogle fullscreen mode.
  • [F2] - make screenshot.
  • Pause - [Esc]

If you have a problem with game falls, send me autogenerated fail_log.txt.

Install instructions

Unpack .zip file, then run executable.


souls-of-the-tower-beta-0.15.1-binary-windows.zip 13 MB
souls-of-the-tower-beta-0.15.1-binary-linux-x86_64.zip 28 MB

Development log


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I'm play this game. And... it's GREAT game!!! For beta is awesome result!!!