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2D survival/sandbox with open world in active development. I don't want to copy another games of the genre, i have very many ideas to implement in the project. Now Zendes contains dynamic trees that growing up in real time. There is already two ways to make time go very fast: sleep, reconstruction.

For create tools, weapon and other items you need to create crafting table.

Crafting table creation (Single recipe you have to remember):

This recipe uses old crafting system that now available only in inventory UI. Crafting table used new system.

But, how to get ingredients? Use left mouse button to break tree branches (Don't repeat it in real life!) .

To make one planks block - place 4 sticks in one crafting slot.

Tip: if you leave tree stumps, it will regenerate back after some time.

Game already contains:

  • farming (wheat, strawberry, apples, mandarins)
  • simple mining
  • 2 types of enemies
  • crafting
  • survival elements
  • procedural generated night sky
  • 4 biomes (plains, plains with mandarin trees, forest, desert)
  • throwing items
  • millstone, crafting table, furnace with original UI and behaviour
  • dynamic trees (4 types) and grass (regular, wheat, strawberry, desert bush)
  • magma (do not flowing yet)
  • two type of ladders (regular and iron)
  • caves
  • liquids physics
  • water
  • weather


  • new biome
  • damage by thrown items
  • improved graphics
  • new game engine (zsengine)
  • audio acoustic simulation (atmospheric underground)
  • lot of bug fixes (b.1.3.4 is more stable than b.1.3.0) 
  • underground noises
  • other small improvements..


  • multiplayer [in progress b.1.4]
  • changing seasons
  • multiple different dimensions
  • story mode (will be default)
  • fire!
  • better animation
  • procedural generated background
  • diseases
  • and more... more new, but secret now, things.


  • System: Windows / Linux / Mac
  • OpenGL: ⩾ 2
  • Java ⩾ 8
  • RAM: ⩾ 1 GB
  • Storage: ⩾ 20 MB


  • OpenGL: ⩾ 3
  • RAM: ⩾ 2 GB


  • Q: Why Java? A: java is crossplatform, enough fast for the game and i have good experience using the language.
  • Q: Will game contain multiplayer? A: yes, see Planned section. I am not sure which update will bring this feature, but i working on it.

( Trailer right now is in development )

Join to Discord server [Abandoned temporary], my twitter @MihailRis, YouTube channel (MihailRis Games). See More information / links


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Zendes2.5_beta_1.2.2.jar 13 MB
Zendes2.5_beta_1.2.3_winter.jar 13 MB
Zendes2.5_beta_1.3.0.jar 16 MB
Zendes2.5.ji3_lwjgl.1.3.4.jar 26 MB

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